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Filmic Look

Lightroom Preset

The only Professional Lightroom Preset you'll need to create the perfect filmic look for your photos. Created specifically for portraits in natural ambient light, it makes the skin fantastic.

Now only 6,80 €

For Lightroom Classic 9.0 and later

Lightroom Preset

Finally create the perfect [Portrait Filmic Look]

You no longer need to have hundreds of useless Lightroom Presets, with strange names and of which you can not even remember what they do!
Now you can only have one Lightroom Preset, made exclusively for portrait photos in natural ambient light that can give your photos a fantastic Filmic Look.

One Lightroom Preset to get the perfect Portrait Filmic Look.
Use it to make your Instagram feed really professional.

Just a click for a beautiful portrait

This Lightroom preset contains everything you need to recreate that much-sought-after look in portrait photos in natural ambient light. With a simple click you can have the perfect look to your photo and possibly adjust the exposure with the practical free presets.

Everything you need for the much-sought-after Portrait Filmic Look is enclosed in this special Lightroom preset. Just a click.

You won't waste more useless hours in front of your computer editing portrait photos!
Trust this professional Lightroom preset made special for that.

3 measures for maximum result

Shoot in RAW

This Lightroom preset has been optimized on RAW files. To get the right results, you'll need to shoot in the RAW format of your camera.

Care the Exposure

It is important that the exposure of your image is as correct as possible. You still have the option to make some adjustments even after applying the preset.

White Balance

Portait Filmic Look was created for portraits in natural ambient light. The white balance must therefore be as faithful as possible for this type of photos..

By following these small steps you can get great results on each of your photos.
Let me show you some examples, with different types of ambient light:


Really perfect contrasts

Portrait Filmic Look gives the perfect contrasts to make every portrait truly perfect. It makes every detail stand out without altered the skin of the subject. The amount of constrate is optimal for both printing and publishing on the web and on your Instagram profile.


Tones and saturation, the right boost

The tones of the shadows and the lights are adjusted to emphasize even more the subject, the skin and the face. The saturation is also perfectly balanced.


Perfect for any ambient light

Portrait Filmic Look will give perfect results in every natural ambient light condition, both the most diffused or the most contrasted.


How does that work

(Italian speaking)

What You'll Get With This Lightroom Preset

Portrait Filmic Look is a professional preset for Lightroom Classic version 9.0 and later.
Once the payment is made you will receive an email with the link to download it in digital format.
The downloaded file will be .ZIP ready to be loaded into Lightroom.

Now only 6,80 €

For Lightroom Classic 9.0 and later

Quick and easy installation

Next I show you the simple and quick steps to install the Portrai Filmic Look in Lightroom. These steps refer to the installation in Lightroom Classic 9.0


Open Lightroom Classic and click "Develop" in the menu section at the top right.


In the left panel, you'll find "Presets".
Click on the + symbol.


A sub-menu will open. Click "Import Presets..."


Select the 00_DANIELEONETA.zip file you downloaded earlier.


Once the file is uploaded, you will have in the "Presets" section a group called 00_DANIELE ONETA with the PORTRAIT FILMIC LOOK preset and other convenient presets to possibly adjust the exposure.


Remember the tricks to get the best results.
1. Now just click on the PORTRAIT FILMIC LOOK preset to get a fantastic effect on your photo.
2. You can use the "Exposure" presets to finely adjust the exposure, increasing or decreasing it.
3. If you want to change the white balance you can do so by selecting the eyedropper icon and click on the point you think can give you the best results for your style.

I'm always available to help you with the installation.


Satisfaction Guarantee


If you need help installing Portrait Filmic Look, just send me an email and I'll be more than happy to help you.
I remind you once again that the preset was made for Lightroom Classic 9.0 and later.

Copyright Daniele Oneta

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